August 2017: Financial Update

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The last month of summer came and went, and with it went $2046.37 in expenses, inclusive of higher entertainment, dating, and food costs. With fall approaching, sometimes you just have to cram in missed opportunities, right?

My savings rate of my take home pay for this particular month was 56.9%. Not quite as good as August last year, but a number I’m still quite happy with.


Car Insurance $162.66
Car Parking $80.00
Cash $20.00
Clothing $6.76
Coffee $27.15
Dating $81.21
Education $109.23
Entertainment $55.38
Fitness $65.54
Food $381.43
Gas $76.31
Grooming $24.72
Internet $22.01
Networking $16.95
Phone $45.20
Rent $850.00
Supplies $11.82
Transit $10.00

Non-Overhead Expenses

Coffee ($27.15) – My worst performing month of the year. Frankly, I’ve been far too lazy in using the French Press I received for Christmas last year. Going to try and bring this down by at least $10 for next month.

Dating ($81.21) – Girlfriend and I partook in bike rentals for a 30 km waterfront trek, 3 dinners, and a trip to Evergreen Brick Works.

Education ($109.23) – The final month of my Level B Improv classes at The Second City Toronto. Met some new friends and continuing into Level C in September!

Fitness ($65.54) – I went to the gym 12 times this month! That’s pretty good value if I can keep it up. I basically doubled my visits in August as compared to June and July and feel much healthier doing so.

Food ($381.43) – This figure appears very high this month due to some massive bulk purchases of canned and packaged goods. Either way, I did eat out way more than I expected. I blame the desire to sit on a patio before the weather turns cold.

Gas ($76.31) – Lots of driving this month – I chauffeured my parents from the suburbs into the City and back. Plus, gas prices have been hit hard with Hurricane Harvey.

Grooming ($24.72) – Haircut. I hate that where I live there are no options of cheap haircuts and I have zero confidence in my skills to cut my own hair.

Networking ($16.95) – A sit-down lunch with colleagues. Waste of time and money for this occasion, but at least I had leftovers.

Supplies ($11.82) – Toiletries and cleaning supplies refresh.

Transit ($10.00) – In my hurry, I wound up taking the TTC a few times, necessitating a reload of my transit card.

Investment Income – New Category! (+$150.40)

Deciding to toss in a new category here when it comes to investment income. I own a fair amount of dividend paying stocks and bond ETFs, which netted $150.40 in income. This amount also includes the interest payments from my EQ Bank account, currently yielding 2.3%.

This makes my total investment income (realized capital gains and dividend income) for the year so far total $1686.61.

Net Worth Update (+$851.12)

A very small jump in my net worth, despite saving over $2700 of my take home – why the minimal jump? Not only have my index funds been flat, but  I own a sizeable amount of shares in Cineplex (TSX: CGX), which have taken an absolute beating due to a bad quarter and risks related to shortened streaming release times after theatrical release. The $2000 loss in my portfolio basically stifled any savings gains for this month. Either way, I remain bullish on CGX – the market is overreacting in my opinion. I anticipate a share price recovery heading into 2018.

My net worth now sits at $126,093.20.

Other Financial Updates

Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

3 thoughts on “August 2017: Financial Update”

  1. Great job! Yes CGX took a huge hit, I was contemplating on buying some but held off. How do you and the girlfriend share the dating costs?


    1. We usually agree to share costs by simply agreeing verbally: if I take care of activities for example, she’ll agree to take care of dinner, etc. For larger things like camping trips or vacations we use a great app called Splitwise. You can read more about it on my recommendations page!


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