October 2017 Financial Update

A simple spending month in the beauty of fall.

The great thing about friends? They take you places, like free NBA games.

October is one of my favourite months because of something magical called fall and all the lovely Thanksgiving Day food that comes with it (leftovers, anyone?).

Excluding my one week trip to Rhode Island / Cape Cod / Boston (more on that in a future travel post, but a preview here), my expenses totalled $2179.20, giving me a savings rate of 57.4%. This is a drop from last October’s 60% savings rate.


Car Insurance $162.66
Car Parking $81.20
Cash $6.00
Coffee $26.89
Dating $52.09
Education $163.85
Entertainment $93.09
Fitness $74.57
Food $248.62
Gas $118.63
Gifts $92.00
Grooming $49.20
Internet $22.01
Laundry $6.75
Networking $43.62
Phone $45.20
Rent $862.75
Supplies $14.07

Non-Overhead Expenses

Coffee ($26.89) – No, the increase isn’t related to pumpkin-spiced latte time. Rather it’s been a few too many cappuccinos.

Dating ($52.09) – Two excellent dinners out on the town and two stops at a café. Pretty darn good in a city like Toronto.

Education ($163.85) – Second City Level D Improv classes. I’m almost done the program!

Entertainment ($93.09) – More than half of this spend was for a ticket to an experimental theatre show a friend of mine threw, which subsequently included a drink and nourishment from a food truck. Other than that, a very reasonable month which included some concessions for a free Toronto Raptors game I got tickets to (which also netted me free pizza because they scored more than 100 points), a night with some classmates at the pub, and a coffee at an improve show.

Fitness ($74.57) – 5 visits this month, the $9 increase versus other months is attributed to racket tape for my squash racket.

Food ($248.62) – In the usual range, especially considering a week’s worth of food isn’t represented here due to my trip to the USA.

Gas ($118.62) – Holy cow have gas prices really gotten out of hand! Admittedly, I did a lot more driving back and forth to see my girlfriend, my parents, and plenty of friends around Halloween.

Gifts ($92.00) – Psst – keep this a secret. I got my girlfriend’s Christmas present early J

Grooming ($49.20) – Not one, but two haircuts this month. Rationale? The first barber really messed up my hair and I had to make it nice for an early November job interview.

Networking ($43.62) – Lot of coffee meetings with important recruitment types alongside a giant coffee box for a bunch of volunteers I lead at work (no, I can’t expense it because I work in the public sector…)

Supplies ($14.07) – Propane tank refill for my BBQ and bulk package of paper towels.

Investment Income (+$271.51)

Inclusive of savings accounts, realized gains and dividend income, I netted $271.51 passively, thanks to a higher interest rate in my savings account and quite a few stocks coming through with their dividend payments. That brings my total passive investment income for the year to $2233.77.

Net Worth Update (+$4405.22)

Another massive jump forward this month in my net worth thanks to the lower Canadian dollar and the huge gains happening in both the S&P 500 and my international index funds. My Canadian stocks also are chugging along just fine, especially TSX Fortis.

This all brings my total net worth to $134,980.08.

Other Financial Updates

Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

5 thoughts on “October 2017 Financial Update”

  1. Congratulations! That is a significant increase in net worth for the month. My expenses are very similar to yours but I’m not achieving the same savings rate… thanks to a high monthly auto loan I have 😦 crazy how long that thing stays with me. Looking forward to seeing future updates!

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