November 2017 Financial Update

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November. The worst month of the year. Dreary. Long. And full of consumerist temptation in the form of Black Friday and Christmas shopping.

Spending went up, thanks to some of that shopping but all in all I had an amazing month. I got a job offer for a new gig with a 24% increase in salary which I start in December, scored a semi-kind of bonus at work, and got offered a side hustle speaking gig for 2018. All in all, that gave me a savings rate of 69.22% despite spending $2554.23.

So dreary? Yes. But life goals are chugging along just fine.


Car Insurance $162.66
Car Maintenance $195.78
Car Parking $81.20
Cash $6.00
Clothing $31.34
Coffee $31.58
Dating $56.09
Education $163.85
Entertainment $60.47
Fitness $65.54
Food $343.74
Gas $47.77
Gifts $175.00
Grooming $26.60
Internet $22.01
Laundry $15.15
Networking $48.37
Phone $45.20
Rent $862.75
Supplies $89.13
Transit $24.00

Non-Overhead Expenses

Car maintenance ($195.78) – When the brakes need to be repaired, they gotta be repaired. Also had to do my seasonal tire swap. Cars are money vacuums.

Coffee ($31.58) – Yea, I splurged here. I blame McDonald’s and their $1.00 coffee for the month!

Dating ($56.09) – On dinner out on the town getting Katsu and a movie date watching Thor: Ragnorok with a 2 for 1 coupon and a large popcorn. Reason we didn’t do much? My girlfriend went to New Zealand with her mother! So excited for her, but very jealous.

Education ($163.85) – Second City Level D Improv classes. I performed onstage twice! So fun and meeting tons of new friends.

Entertainment ($60.47) – Hosted a winter BBQ and board games night with friends, got a beer with my improv program people, met some old classmates at a pub, went to see Lady Bird with a friend of mine on a Tuesday (also with a 2 for 1 coupon – movie’s amazing by the way) and got a popcorn. All on different evenings of course!

Fitness ($65.54) – I’d rather not talk about my complete lack of visits this month. I went twice. That’s $32 a visit. It’s embarrassing. Probably will cancel it in the New Year.

Food ($343.74) – Usual range. Lots of eating out though.

Gas ($47.77) – Really cut down driving this month! Very pleased. I also traded in a crap ton of Petro Points for free gas.

Gifts ($175.00) – Gift for my girlfriend’s mother and many thank you cards for my office colleagues before I leave.

Grooming ($26.60) – New job means I need to get my hair cut more often. It is what it is. I can’t want to FIRE and just have a scruffy head of hair.

Networking ($48.37) – Lot of coffee meetings and lunches asking people for advice on what it’s like to move into a manager role.

Supplies ($89.13) – A Black Friday Instant Pot (don’t judge) and other toiletries.

Transit ($24.00) – Had to commute a lot back and forth to the new office for the interview and paperwork signing.

Investment Income (+$188.20)

Inclusive of savings accounts, realized gains and dividend income, I netted $188.20 passively. That brings my total passive investment income for the year to $2421.97.

Net Worth Update (+$8585.36!!!)

A gigantic step forward, largely due to some overdue retroactive pay at work. They basically held back a 7% raise for about 8 months which all got paid out this month. That retro pay was divided into all previous 8 months so it doesn’t interfere with my savings rate for November, but obviously shows its impact in the net worth calculation. Not to mention, markets have been red hot!

This all brings my total net worth to $143,565.44.

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Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

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