Want a Good Job? Try these things.


I lectured in a university accounting seminar a few months ago for a cohort of graduate students from all academic fields. Some were PhD candidates, others pursuing MFAs, MAs, MScs – the gamut.

Afterwards, I was approached by several of the students in the course asking for my card. Their intentions were clear: they wanted to network and I was happy to oblige. After all, today’s job market seems to be all about who you know, and I exhausted other prospective employers with my desire to network when I was younger. So I had to pay it forward, of course!

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The Appalling Cost of a Suit.

And why it was worth it.

This suit is the third most expensive thing I’ve ever bought. Also: I was playing croquet at a wedding.

I walked out of a store on Friday after having just spent $750 on a suit. Your reaction will either be: a) That’s peanuts, we know that a really great suit should cost you about $2000, or b) Holy hell, that’s a lot.

If you’re in category B, this article is for you because it’s certainly how I felt. If you’re in category A, your values are clearly different than mine.

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June 2018 Financial Update

A good month of spending…

May 2018

June is when spending can get dicey – the weather turns favourably warm, patio season is in full swing, and I probably crave ice cream or beer (two terrible things for me) almost daily.

Fortunately, I had my best month of the year so far in terms of spending, dishing out $2,167.28 this month, courtesy of two nice highlights.

Firstly, I switched cell phone providers and now have a $0.00 phone bill until December thanks to over $380 in credits. I also spent ZERO dollars on transit this month due to the BikeShare system, which I wrote about here. If it weren’t for attending a friend’s wedding and my apartment requiring tenant insurance all of a sudden, I would’ve been sub-$2000 easily.

Either way, my savings rate for the month was 63% and even better: my net worth jumped over $5000!

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