July 2018 Financial Update

A good month of saving!

July net worth

July wrapping up means summer is basically halfway done – depressing right?

The month was basically business as usual, although I saved a lot more because my girlfriend is across the country for the next 2 months on a summer gig, which means zero dating expenses. It’s bittersweet, I guess?

Overall, I spent $2095.69 this month for a solid 67.85% savings rate. Passive income for the month also hit an all-time high for me, which was great.


Car Insurance $128.50
Car Parking $81.20
Cash $34.00
Clothing $99.05
Coffee $19.87
Dating $0.00 (until September when she gets back)
Entertainment $123.33
Fitness $37.67
Food $331.69
Gas $24.26
Gifts $186.00
Grooming $44.00
Internet $22.01
Laundry $9.00
Medical $7.80
Networking $6.00
Phone $0.00 (until December due to credits)
Rent $862.75
Supplies $24.57
Transit/Tolls $54.00

Non-Overhead Expenses

Clothing ($99.05) – I feel like I keep vowing to stop buying clothes, but I’m going on vacation in September and needed some gear…

Coffee ($19.87) – Within the average norm…

Dating ($0.00) – She’s across the country for a summer gig. Bittersweet?

Entertainment ($123.33) – I went to the movies SIX times. Don’t judge me. Bought popcorn each time too. Also hosted a games night and provided dinner and many snacks.

Fitness ($37.11) – Went ZERO times this month, so this is just a complete waste of money. Fail.

Food ($331.69) – Again in the normal range. Costco and some bought lunches in here too.

Gas ($24.26) –  Well below average thanks to Petro Points.

Gifts ($186.00) – Wedding gift and card and birthday gifts for a friend and my nephew.

Grooming ($44.00) – Two haircuts this month, the product of it being a longer month and the need to look trim for some important presentations at work.

Medical ($7.80) – Massage covered at 90% through workplace benefits.

Networking ($6.00) – Met an old boss for lunch. He paid for the meal but I allocated the transit costs to this budget line.

Phone ($0.00) – WOO! No cell phone bill until December thanks to account credits!

Supplies ($24.57) – Misc household supplies.

Transit/Tolls ($54.00) – I took the train to see my girlfriend one weekend before she left. It also thunderstormed a lot more, which put biking out of reach.

Investment Income (+$336.05)

Inclusive of savings accounts, realized gains and dividend income, I netted $336.05 passively, which brings my total for the year to $1,870.50. That’s a record high!

Net Worth Update (+$5,541.97)

Investments increased in value and CPP and EI are no longer being deducted from my paycheck. My net worth increased to $173,936.84.

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Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

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