Things I Never Cheap Out On (Part 2)


Last week I talked about something very anti-frugal: the concept of purposely cheaping out on things as opposed to buying high-quality and potentially long-lasting things.

However, there are just some no-go things when it comes to spending money, where I will spend obscenely larger amount to get the highest quality I can. Some of these items are just basic common sense, whereas others you might think are a bit borderline – I’ll let you decide.

Business Clothing & All Shoes

Unfortunately, when it comes to what I wear to work, impressions are important. That means good long lasting shoes and suits. It kind of is unfortunate because it cost be over $1000 for a new outfit, but I anticipate the investment will prove to be fairly long-lasting.

Why? Those shoes are Allen Edmonds, probably one of the more expensive but affordable high quality made-in-America shoe. With proper care, they should last me for 3-5 years at which point I can get them sent back to the factory to be recrafted (the upper stays, the whole bottom is replaced).

The suit is your basic Suit Supply suit – while not a Brooks Brothers (which are usually $2000 and made in Italy or America), the suit is assembled in China, but with wool and other materials from Italy. The cuts are great and they are certainly a step above what you’d find at The Bay or a Moore’s. True suit connoisseurs would obviously question the choice, but my financial peril extends only so high for what gets worn once a week.

Food/Liquid Storage Containers

We’ve all had that gut-wrenching moment: you get to work, open your bag, and there’s spilled liquid everywhere. You do your best to correct the situation, cleaning what you can and leaving the bag to air dry, but you realize things would have been easier had you just bought a better container.

The food/liquid storage market is crowded with offerings and sometimes you can get away with deferring to the cheaper option. Not only are these usually plastic (which have a myriad of health risks), but their sealing mechanisms are frankly terrible.

So for me: Pyrex and Contigo, all the way and Rubbermaid plastic containers only for sandwiches.



Have you ever wondered what your luggage went through when you checked your bag? It’s not fun. It’s dizzying, with plenty of knocks and bumps, not to mention the rough human touch offered by baggage handlers as they aggressively chuck your suitcase underneath the plane.

Luggage is sometimes outrageously expensive, but if you pay the price for a strong, durable brand, you won’t regret it. Far too often have I had my luggage zippers break, wheels strip to nothing, and fabric start to tear. It’s not fun. The last thing you want on a trip is to stress about how difficult it is to carry your stuff around!

Junk Food

Doritos. Cheetos. Ruffles. Nobody does it better than Frito Lay. Same goes with many other candy brands.


Junk food is already a guilty pleasure, so why rob yourself of those pleasures with some lower-tier store brand? Go big or go home with the junk because life is hard enough as it is, right?

Toilet Paper

There’s nothing worse than that feeling when you — I’ll stop there. 2-ply minimum, all the way. Charmin is deluxe, Cottonelle is solid, Costco brand also does the trick. Anything less is asking for it. Need I say more?


Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

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