September 2018 Financial Update

A deceiving month.


September was a deceiving month, one that I guess is me deceiving myself into believing, I saved more than I did.

Let me explain: this month I spent $1658.59, for an incredible 74.49% savings rate… yet my net worth only went up $704.09. For reference, the month before my net worth jumped over $13,000!

So what happened? I went on vacation and I spent roughly $3000. Why is it not factored into my monthly savings rate? Because I tally vacation spending into my year-end figures, not month-to-month. Reason being is that vacation expenses might create some outliers and inconsistent month-to-month data for the purpose of analysis.

More on the vacation on a future post (it was British Columbia, which was beautiful, by the way…)


Car Insurance $128.50
Car Parking $82.66
Clothing $13.99
Coffee $5.74
Dating $10.23
Education $59.83
Entertainment $43.92
Fitness $37.67
Food $243.43
Gas $39.05
Grooming $24.00
Internet $14.13
Laundry $4.50
Medical $13.98
Networking $2.09
Phone $0.00
Rent $878.28
Supplies $26.59
Transit/Tolls $30.00

Non-Overhead Expenses

Clothing ($13.99) – I bought a tie on Amazon so I could qualify for free shipping. Cheap, or efficient?

Dating ($10.23) – On vacation together for the first two weeks, but we did go to Starbucks together when we came back.

Education ($59.83) – I started taking French classes again, fully paid for by my employer. Textbooks, however, are only covered at 50%.

Entertainment ($43.92) – Dinner and a movie with a friend. Specifically: Japanese food, popcorn, soda, and a ticket for the movie “Searching” (which was really good, by the way).

Fitness ($37.11) – Don’t ask how often I went, because it’s embarassing.

Food ($243.43) – There is a huge Costco trip in here. When I got back, my fridge was empty, so that also didn’t help.

Gas ($39.05) – Just slightly more than half a tank of gas.

Grooming ($24.00) – Downtown haircut.

Medical ($13.98) – One massage covered at 90% through workplace benefits.

Networking ($2.09) – Met someone for coffee to network and learn from them.

Phone ($0.00) – WOO! No cell phone bill until December thanks to account credits!

Supplies ($26.59) – Misc household supplies, including a fancy presentation remote to help with my side hustle.

Transit/Tolls ($30.00) – Cycle, cycle, cycle – uh oh, lots of rain one week.

Investment Income (+$303.87)

Inclusive of savings accounts, realized gains and dividend income, I netted $303.87 passively, which brings my total for the year to $2,319.50. Not a bad month at all.

Net Worth Update (+$704.09)

A small gain, after huge returns in August, my stocks retreated roughly $2000. Not to mention, I did spend $3000 on vacation.

My net worth increased to $188,191.43.

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Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

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