October 2018 Financial Update

Slowing growth.

October 2018

October was a rough month for many of us – shares dipped globally, meaning everyone’s net worth was largely flat, mine included.

This month I spent $2187.34, for an incredible 66.35% savings rate with a net worth gain of $2051.62. This should really increase next month when I start a new job with an added signing bonus!


Car Insurance $128.50
Car Parking $82.66
Cash $24.00
Charity $40.00
Clothing $152.31
Coffee $17.46
Dating $71.64
Education $65.64
Entertainment $32.66
Fitness $37.67
Food $267.44
Gas $45.38
Gifts $133.59
Grooming $44.00
Internet $14.13
Laundry $16.85
Medical $29.11
Networking $4.53
Phone $0.00
Rent $878.28
Supplies $28.24
Transit/Tolls $73.25

Non-Overhead Expenses

Charity ($40.00) – I donated twice to my company’s United Way campaign.

Clothing ($152.31) – I added Topy bottoms to two of my dress shoes, bought shoe trees, and a belt.

Coffee ($17.46) – Yep. As usual.

Dating ($71.64) – Coffee, dinners, and a variety of desserts.

Education ($65.64) – A professional designation renewal fee.

Entertainment ($32.66) – Popcorn, movie, and a drink with a friend.

Fitness ($37.11) – Don’t ask how often I went, because it’s embarassing.

Food ($267.44) – I ate out a lot this month…

Gas ($45.38 – Just slightly more than half a tank of gas.

Grooming ($44.00) – Two downtown haircuts for job interviewing.

Medical ($29.11) – Two massages covered at 90% through workplace benefits.

Networking ($4.53) – Met someone for coffee to network.

Phone ($0.00) – WOO! No cell phone bill until December thanks to account credits!

Supplies ($28.24) – MicroSD card to expand my phone’s memory.

Transit ($73.25) – It’s winter time almost, so it’s too cold to bike because I’m a wuss.

Investment Income (+$448.34)

Inclusive of savings accounts, realized gains and dividend income, I netted $448.34 passively, which brings my total for the year to $2,767.84.

Net Worth Update (+$2051.62)

Stocks retreated hard this month, but I still chipped away at adding to the fund.

My net worth increased to $190,243.06.

Other Financial Updates


Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

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