November 2018 Financial Update

A record month of spending and saving!



What a month!

This month I spent an all-time one month high of $3,460.64 (blame Cyber Monday and some frivolity), but also recorded a record 84.29% savings rate with a net worth gain of $19,135.05. Talk about huge! This will decrease the ret of the way, but I did surpass $200K in net worth far ahead of schedule!


Car Insurance $128.50
Car Maintenance $60.88
Car Parking $82.66
Cash $1.00
Clothing $1,123.19
Coffee $2.61
Dating $27.86
Dining $123.93
Education $515.00
Entertainment $92.84
Fitness $37.67
Food $186.62
Gas $68.62
Gifts $4.06
Grooming $24.00
Internet $14.13
Laundry $5.88
Medical $101.14
Networking $13.44
Phone $0.00
Rent $878.28
Supplies $2.26
Transit/Tolls $90.00

Non-Overhead Expenses

Car Maintenance ($60.88) – Winter tire swap. What a rip off!

Clothing ($1123.19) – WHAT?! Over $1000 in clothes? WHAT DID YOU DO?! Easy: I bought a new top of the line winter coat on Cyber Monday. Research says it will last for many years while providing warmth and comfort.

Coffee ($2.61) – Free coffee at work makes this very small. I will probably delete this line item in the New Year and roll it into my food numbers.

Dating ($27.86) – Coffee, movie and popcorn (Widows was great)

Education ($515.00) – A french course, included in this month’s spending tracker since my now old job will not reimburse for it.

Entertainment ($92.84) – Drinks with French classmates, a celebratory bar visit with an old friend, and expensive but amazing croissants to entertain my family with.

Fitness ($37.11) – Went 3 times. Pretty expensive way to stay fit.

Food ($186.62) – My girlfriend’s mother gave us a lot of food and I did well at bringing my lunches to work.

Gas ($68.62) – A tank of gas visiting my girlfriend’s mother in Waterloo and friends north of the city.

Gifts ($4.06) – A card for my girlfriend to celebrate four years together!

Grooming ($24.00) – A downtown haircut.

Medical ($101.14) – Two massages covered at 90% through workplace benefits and 2 pairs of new glasses. Wanted to exhaust my benefits before I quit.

Networking ($13.44) – Coffee and a lunch with a professional contact.

Phone ($0.00) – WOO! No cell phone bill until December thanks to account credits!

Supplies ($2.26) – A new shower curtain.

Transit ($90.00) – It’s winter time almost. No more cycling these days.

Investment Income (+$212.89)

Inclusive of savings accounts, realized gains and dividend income, I netted $212.89 passively, which brings my total for the year to $2980.72.

Net Worth Update (+$19,135.05)

Stocks still retreated hard this month, but my signing bonus came through, which… was huge.

My net worth increased to $209,378.10, which is the first time it’s crossed the $200K mark!

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Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

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