January 2019 Financial Update


A very late update – but I’ve been ultra-busy. New job, new hobbies (I blame you free Xbox I won from work!) have kept me away from reflecting on my finances. Bad, eh?

In January, I spent $1869.07 for a savings rate of 73.36% with a net worth gain of $12,707.28. Yes – that’s absolutely huge, but a lot of it has to with the recovering markets after a tough December, not to mention my new job’s generous compensation package which includes all sorts of frills like stock incentives, RRSP match, etc.


Car Insurance $128.50
Car Parking $81.20
Dating $103.21
Entertainment $48.69
Fitness $30.33
Food $257.28
Gas $61.81
Gifts $40.00
Grooming $40.00
Internet $14.13
Medical $8.59
Phone $53.39
Rent $862.75
Subscriptions $4.99 because I just got Spotify – and my student email still works on it =)
Supplies $44.20
Transit/Tolls $90.00

Non-Overhead Expenses

Dating ($103.21) – Saw a concert and had an expensive dinner. Dan Mangan is awesome.

Entertainment ($48.69) – One dinner with some friends. Stayed in the rest of the time and played Xbox.

Fitness ($30.33) – Went twice. Ugh.

Food ($257.28) – Had some hangover leftovers from the holidays and cooked a lot. Made an active attempt to reign in spending after a frivolous Christmas.

Gas ($61.81) – A tank of gas visiting my girlfriend’s mother in Waterloo and friends north of the city.

Gifts ($40.00) – A friend’s birthday gift contribution.

Grooming ($40.00) – Two haircuts.

Medical ($8.59) – One massage, covered in part by workplace benefits.

Supplies ($44.20) – Multitude of cleaning supplies.

Transit ($90.00) – It’s winter time almost. No more cycling these days.

Investment Income (+$398.03)

Inclusive of savings accounts, realized gains and dividend income, I netted $398.03 passively.

Net Worth Update (+$12,707.28)

My net worth increased to $287,742.74. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to hit $300K by end of the month. We’ll see!

Other Financial Updates


Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

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