February 2019 Financial Update

Feb 2019

February in Toronto frankly has been appalling. Several winter storms. Freezing cold. Limited daylight.

But I suppose the upside in all of this is that being kept indoors really limits your chance to spend money unnecessarily. This February, I spent a low-spending record of $1846.53 for a savings rate of 75%! Here’s what that looked like:


Car Insurance $128.50
Car Parking $81.20
Dating $97.41
Entertainment $60.79
Fitness $30.33
Food $305.59
Gas $50.82
Gifts $9.04
Grooming $24.00
Internet $14.13
Laundry $4.50
Networking $10.17
Phone $53.11
Rent $862.75
Subscriptions $4.99
Supplies $19.20
Transit/Tolls $90.00

Non-Overhead Expenses

Dating ($97.41) – One very fancy brunch at Emma’s Country Kitchen, a dinner we went Dutch on, and some coffees and teas interspersed. We’ve mostly dated by watching Netflix Blue Planet II.

Entertainment ($60.79) – Met some friends for dinner, had others over for a pizza party and bought snacks.

Fitness ($30.33) – Went twice.

Food ($305.59) – Had some expensive lunches at work, thanks to Poke Bowls. Otherwise, pretty much on track here.

Gas ($50.82) – A tank of gas visiting my girlfriend’s mother in Waterloo and seeing my parents.

Gifts ($9.04) – A very expensive card for Valentine’s Day (I left it last minute…)

Grooming ($24.00) – One haircut.

Networking ($10.17) – Met someone for a drink.

Supplies ($19.20) – Over the counter meds.

Transit ($90.00) – Self explanatory. Walked a lot.

Investment Income (+$147.42)

Inclusive of savings accounts, realized gains and dividend income, I netted $147.42 in February, for $545.45 on the year passively.

Net Worth Update (+$9452.49)

My net worth increased to $297,195.23. The new higher paying job certainly makes the month to month leap that much bigger, along with overall market gains.

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Author: stretchingeverydollar

Starving artist to Debt Free MBA. Attempting to retire early.

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