About Me

Hello! I’m a 30-something year old Torontonian¬† sharing with all of you my perspectives on investing and saving (as I build, what some people call, “f*** you money”).

1548124_10202709595655189_8885222679055859346_oI started being an aggressive saver during my days as a theatre student, which carried into my brief career where I was making $400 a week quite literally as a starving artist. It sucked, but I learned a few valuable ways to save the little money I had so I could go back to school. Since that time, I’ve used those savings to pursue an MBA,¬†get one of those office jobs people apparently work at, and quintuple my salary. I now save anywhere from 50-60% of my income in any given month.

This blog will document my journey towards early retirement. I’ll share my insights on how I spend, save, and invest with some posts on travel, taxes, and my general perceptions of the world we live in as it relates to personal finance. So enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: All advice given on the site are my own opinions. You should ensure you do your own research on investments and taxation and fully understand the terms and conditions of whatever product and/or service you sign up for.