Iceland: 9 days for $2,152.

A place where you can pretend you’re Matthew McConaughey.

Chilling at the top of a volcano in Vestmannaeyjar.

Last summer, I was looking desperately for something to do for vacation. Up to that point, I was an under-traveled 27 year old who had never left North America in his life.

Things in life were also trending up: I had a full-time job finally, a travel partner in my girlfriend, and some savings dedicated towards travel. Iceland also made sense as a first “big” trip. It was an English-speaking nation, had a good safety record of travelers, and offered cheap flights. Plus I had two colleagues who went and came back alive with rave reviews.

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Staying Entertained in Toronto on the Cheap.

How I keep my entertainment expenses in check.


Last month, my company had a staff event: dinner followed by a Jays game – all expenses on the attendee of course, since we’re in the public sector.

As the ambitious worker bee who understands the value of networking (it’s how I’ve literally gotten every job I’ve worked), I woefully signed up. By the end of the night, I had spent close to $60 combined on the ticket, one concession item, and dinner and a drink at the fancy Rec Room. $60! My girlfriend then reminded me that really isn’t that much relative to other people.

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Got plans for retirement? Don’t wait till 65.


My girlfriend’s parents are lovely people. They did everything right. They worked hard, raised a wonderful family, and saved and invested diligently. They met all of their financial goals, having saved enough to retire, send their kids off to their own lives, and travel the world.

Then the worst news imaginable happened.

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June 2017: Financial Update

Summer and a three pay check month.

Summer is officially here and June means it’s a three pay check month – not that I’m spending any more than I need to.

Blue Whale Exhibition at the ROM. Got free tickets from EQ Bank!

In fact, even though in a three pay check month I technically saved over 66% 69.55% of my income (this number has been revised to include pension deductions at reader advice), I’m still not doing as well as I’d hoped, overspending to $2,135.41 for the month. What did that look like?

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Even though I have a pension, I still buy bonds.

Bonds are boring and safe. Boring and safe can be good.

The boring but essential investment.

I’m pretty freaking lucky to be part of defined benefit pension plan, one of those things that used to exist much more broadly 30 years ago.

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My Six-figure Net Worth by 27.

How my wealth has grown by saving over 50% of my income and investing the rest.

Since finishing my second degree in 2015, I’ve made some pretty decent strides in terms of my net worth. So right now: that’s a $110,000 net worth, excluding pension contributions and tangible assets that I own, like my car – basically, whatever I can access at the bank.

Earlier in the year at 27, I was pretty shocked to see that I had cracked the six figure savings mark so fast. So how did I get here?

Net worth
Net worth as of January 1 of each year. I surpassed $100K in early 2017.

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